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Unleashing the Power of AI Cameras: Answers to Your Top Questions



What is SiteHawk?

SiteHawk is a real-time video search and alerting platform for video surveillance and monitoring. SiteHawk turns any smartphone, tablet, computer, network camera or NVR into a smart security camera system. Its fast search, precise alerts, secure cloud storage, and algorithms that learn which events are important to you make video monitoring efficient, affordable and useful. SiteHawk also offers additional services: call center, remote management and mentoring solutions for the self-storage industry.

How does it work?

A user connects a smartphone, tablet, webcam, IP camera or NVR to the SiteHawk platform. The camera uploads events to SiteHawk whenever there’s important motion. Algorithms analyze the motion to figure out what’s important, ­ often distilling 24 hours into less than 2 minutes of video with relevant activity. The user receives instant alerts via phone and/or email when there is video with important activity. You can monitor your own facility or SiteHawk’s professional monitoring team can do it for you.

What does it cost?

Our equipment is priced according to the number of cameras and bandwidth you require. Monthly, 30-day storage with smart search and alerts is as low as $29/month/camera. Monitoring is as low as $25/month per camera.

What makes it different?

SiteHawk works with any IP-connected camera: any H.264 video stream works and people can even use cameras they already have in their spare smartphones, tablets, or computers. SiteHawk is smart: SiteHawk uses machine learning to understand what’s most important to users, so it highlights only what matters. SiteHawk is fast: Users can browse or jump straight to the important events with simple search and alerts like [people approaching front walkway] or [dog bed].

Which platforms are supported?

The SiteHawk system works with any H.264 video stream. The SiteHawk app works with Android and iOS tablets and smartphones. There is also a browser-based version (Chrome & Firefox) that works with camera-equipped computers.

Getting Started

What do users need to get started?

A smartphone, tablet, webcam-­enabled laptop, or IP camera. A user simply signs up at or download the app, position the chosen camera device in the right spot, turns on the power, and SiteHawk is ready.

How much bandwidth does this use?

SiteHawk uses 92% less bandwidth than streaming services, as it uploads only upon motion detection and can run at low frame rates. The exact bandwidth used depends on the chosen video resolution. SiteHawk even works smoothly with multiple cameras sharing a single DSL connection.

How many cameras can a user have?

Unlimited. With more cameras, SiteHawk can stitch video together and relay events from multiple angles and locations.

How do alerts work?

Alerts are persistent searches that notify you whenever a new event matches your query. Alerts are delivered in real-time by phone or by email. Alerts can be set up for general activity or for very specific queries like “people approaching front door”. Getting too many alerts? Let our professional monitoring team support you.

What are zones, and how do people use them?

An “interest zone” is a selected area within a camera view: For instance, an [Entrance Gate] zone for an entrance gate camera, or a [Hallway A] zone for a camera mounted in a hallway. Users can also set up multiple zones for a single camera. SiteHawk learns to report important activity in those zones, and users can set up specific alerts for any query.


How does SiteHawk protect privacy?

Only users can access their video – video is not available even to SiteHawk employees. SiteHawk image processing is “blind” to humans, and all content is transmitted and stored encrypted. All video is automatically deleted after 30 days unless the user chooses to save a particular video snippet. Users can choose to share video snippets or to add guests to their account.

What about government requests for info?

By design, SiteHawk has no mechanism for accessing video archives so cannot act on any outside requests for access. A user must grant permission explicitly for access to any video content.

What’s innovative about SiteHawk?

The core innovation is turning real-time video into useful information at a low price. By learning for each camera and each user what’s interesting, SiteHawk makes advanced Machine Learning accessible to anyone using any source of video. SiteHawk’s core intellectual property is the efficient labeling of millions of video events daily. SiteHawk’s potential impact is to enable apps and services to understand what’s happening in the real world in real-time.

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